We are members of the community who strive to improve our community. We are creative with our ideas. Whether we are rolling up our sleeves or opening our wallets
Our Members
Joseph Agosta
Kathleen Bannon
Steve Bellone
George Bellucci
Maria Bellucci
Michael Bilello
Carol Buccino
Viviana Cabrera
Mike Caldwell
Fran Cassidy
David Colford
Paul Daubel
Charles DiGiovanna
JoAnn Erwin
Sharon Fattoruso
Mitch Giannini
Theresa Gorgone
Mike  Greb
Phil Guerra
Warren Gumbs
Andy Helsinger
Kimberly Helsinger
Thomas Humphrey
Michael Kash
Beth Lombardo
Carol Lynch
Bob Macintosh
Jennifer Madden
Chris Madden
Brady Madden
Mike Maneri
Marie Miller
Jacqueline Narkiewicz
Bianca Ordonez
Maria Ostrofsky
Lori Prisco
Anthony Prisco
Pat Robinson
Peter Robinson
Brian Sales
Rich Schaffer
Bridget Schwarz
Chris Seales
Mary Sotomayor

Michael Tretola
Thomas Tetro
Kenneth Urban
Paul Westphal
​Zachary Daubel